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  • Manufactured by: Alaine Fierreira
  • 7.5 inch Dog
  • King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Price:   $15.00

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 Available as a PDF file or a printed pattern please state in the comments which file type you would like.

Materials Needed

Fur -  1/16th piece of L09 or 11/16” (16mm) black alpaca this I used for the side of the head pieces,

1/8th piece of L14 or 13/16” (21mm) white alpaca or similar white straight pile, this I used for the head, gusset and lower legs

1/8th Black mohair with 1.5” (40mm) long pile mohair, used for the ears, back, legs and tail.

1/16th White mohair 1.5” (40mm) long pile mohair, used for the tummy.

Paws -  One piece of Suede 4”x4” (10cm x10cm)

Eyes -  13mm

Small piece of white leather or suede for the eye patches, cut them about 2mm bigger than the eye, (optional)

Joints -  5 sets x ¾” (20mm) discs with cotter pins

Thread - strong, match fabric back

Nose -   Pearl Cotton 8ply black

Stuffing - Wool or Polyester & Steel Shot

Copic Pens or Airbrush

Sinew - For needle sculpture Nose Wax or nose shine (applied only to threaded nose)

Thin wire to insert into Kisses’s ears and tail

Fray stop / Fray check

Nose template


Sharp scissors, for cutting out and sculpting

Sewing Needle

Doll Needles

Small pliers or cotton pin turner

Stuffing Tool

Finished Size – 7½” (19cm)

Pictures on the web site will vary due to individual computer setting as compared to our web site.

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