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  • Manufactured by: Alaine Fierreira
  • 6.25 inch Dog
  • Toy Pomeranain

Price:   $15.00

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Details:   Available as a PDF or a printed pattern, please state in the comments which file type you would like.

Materials Needed

Mohair:  1/8th of AA30 or A30, 2-3/4" (49mm) Mohair

Paws: A small piece of Ultra Suede

Eyes: 9mm

Joints: 5 sets x 3/4" (20mm) discs with cotter pins

Thread: Strong, match to fabric back

Nose: Pearle Cotton black

Stuffing: Wool or Polyester & Steel Shot

Shading: Copic Pens or Airbrush

Sinew: For needle sculpting


Nose wax or nose shine (applied only to threaded nose)

Fray Stop

Nose Template

Thin wire to make a frame for the tail (so that you can insert it into and bend into desire position) 



Sharp Scissors

Sewing Needle

Doll Needle

Small Pliers

Stuffing Tool


Finished size – 6.25” – 16cm


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