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Chippie Chipmunk - Digital File ( PDF )
  • Manufactured by: Mary' s Secret Garden
  • 5 inch Other creature
  • Chipmunk

Price:   $32.00

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Details:  DIGITAL FILE ( PDF )
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Chippie Chipmunk Materials

White 1/4” Alpaca or Mohair: 10“ x 8” (Body Front & Back, Cheeks)

White 1/8” Mohair: 6” x 6” (Paws and Feet)

Antique Honey (MC) 1/4“ Mohair: 8” x 10“ (Neck, Up Arms & Legs, Head Gusset)

Antique Honey (MC or tipped MC) 1 1/2” Mohair or Alpaca: 3” x 5“ (Tail)

Deep Gold 1/4” Alpaca or Mohair: 4“ x 4” (Side Body)

Wool Felt- Beige: 2” x 3” (Ears)

Thin Brown or Black Leather: 3” x 2” (Eyelids)

DISCS: Thin with 1/8“ hole (ideally) Use thinner CPs if disc hole is 1/16” )

Head/Neck: (4) 3/4”

Arm: (4) 5/8”

Leg: (4) 1”

Eyes: 8 mm brown glass eyes (Edin. 502-23-8mm)

Whiskers: Brown or Black Horsehair

Hardware: (12) 3/8”washers, (6) 1“ T cotter pins, (match CP size to hole) small hemostat, cotter key, sm clips Embroidery thread: Mauve tatting thread or pearl cotton

Coloring: Permanent markers (black, gray, rusty orange, brown, gold, pink) stiff paint brush & paint thinner (Turmenoid Natural) for blending markers, (Brands: Faber Castell, Premiere,Sharpie, Zig & Artwin)

Stuffing: Poly fiberfill

Other materials: Embroidery scissors, white glue, toothpicks, upholstery thread, Fray Check, assorted needles, finger brush, tweezers, super glue, sculpy for mouth

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