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Sniggles Sleepy Mouse - Digital File ( PDF )
  • Manufactured by: Mary' s Secret Garden
  • 4 inch Mouse
  • Sleepy Mouse

Price:   $24.00

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Details:  DIGITAL FILE ( PDF )
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Sniggles Mouse Materials

Fur nap: For regular density mohair, use 1/8” to 3/16“ nap.

For sparse density, use up to 1/2”.

Mohair: 10“ x 8” (Body)

Extra Thin Ultra Suede: 3” x 5” (Tail, feet)

Wool Felt: 2“ x 3” (Ears)

Eyelids: 3” x 2” thin brown leather


Head: (1) 5/8”

Neck in Body: (1) 3/8” (or use washer)

Arm: (4) 3/8”

Leg: (4) 1/2”

Eyes: 6 mm clear or colored round pupil glass eyes

Paint: Nail polish or paint for eyes

Whiskers: Horse hair

Hardware: 11 washers (thin brass w/small hole), 2 small looped cotter pins (head, neck) 4 small T cotter pins (arm, leg joints), small curved hemostat, cotter pin key, small clips

Embroidery thread: Black or pink thin pearl cotton (# 12 or 8) or tatting thread

Coloring: Permanent markers (black, gray, pink) stiff paint brush & paint thinner for blending marker ink

Stuffing: Poly fiberfill & tiny glass beads (pellets) for filling, small funnel (glue in plastic straw if desired)

Other materials: Embroidery scissors, white glue, toothpicks, upholstery thread, Fray Check, assorted needles, finger brush, tweezers for plucking face & paws

Pictures on the web site will vary due to individual computer setting as compared to our web site.

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