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Miss Kitty Cat Paper or e-Pattern Available.
  • Manufactured by: Janice Woodard
  • 9 inch Cat

Price:   $12.00

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 < e-Pattern Available> No Returns for E-pattern

Please specify in comment box if you would like paper or E-Pattern.


   F1/4yd. Mohair

   5''x 5'' White Mohair for inset muzzle

   5''x 5'' Felt or Ultrasuede for paw/ foot pads


   1pr. 12mm starburst eyes


   6 pieces of 1''x 1/8'' joint discs for Neck and Legs

   4 pieces of 3/4''x 1/8'' joint discs for Arms


   4 Tap bolts

   4 Lock nuts

   1 T-cotter pin

  10 Washers


   #5 Pink Perle cotton for nose

   #5 Black Perle cotton for claws

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