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SST3038-206 Cocoa
  • Manufactured by: Tissavel/DongLim
  • Color: Cocoa

Price:   $40.00

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Details: This fabric is some of the Tissavel super soft synthetic.  The pile is 1.25".  The base color is blonde with a cocoa tip.  You can't help but pet it!

This fabric has become flattened in the course of moving and being stacked under other fabric.  The price has been reduced to reflect the pile is now flattened or crushed.

This fabric has gone flat. The price has been reduced due to it being flat. If you want to work with it you can get it fluffy again. Price: $40.00 The pile can be encouraged to stand back up by just taking smaller pieces like a half yard or fat quarter and hang them so that the pile is being pulled by gravity. You can also spritz them lightly while hanging with water (I like to add a little vinegar to my water) and then brush in the opposite direction of the pile. Or spritz lightly and then put in dryer on NO HEAT to tumble. Check it often. If you use heat in the dryer it will ball up or fry the ends.

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