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Bailey Bunny - Digital File ( PDF )


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You may sell your Bailey Bunny with acknowledgment that it is made from Mary Wimberley's pattern.

This pattern may not be sold.

Bailey Bunny Materials List

FUR: (Use European Synthetic or other dense fur)

MC 1” Imported Synthetic Gray or Brown: 28“ x 14” (Head Back, Body Back, Neck, Upper Arms, Upper Legs)

CC2 1/2” Medium-Light Brown or Gray: 9” x 5” (Head Front, Muzzle)

CC 1/4“ - 3/8” Imported Synthetic Gray or Brown: 16” x 16” (Paws)

*CC Polar Fleece 8” x 9” (Ears)

*Fur lined ear option 1/8” - 1/4” CC Imp Syn: 9“ x 9”/cream colored velour: 9“ x9”

LA 1” (Light Accent-Cream) 1” Imported Synthetic: 10” x 15“ (Cheeks, Gusset, Body Front)

Brown or Black Leather: 3” x 2” (Eyelids)

Leather, Velveteen, Ultra suede: 2“x 2” (Nose Cover) (disregard if using a flocked nose)


Head/Neck: (4) 1 3/4”

Arm: (4) 1 1/2”

Leg: (4) 2 1/4 ”

Eyes: 16 mm brown round pupil glass eyes

*Nose: 21 mm plastic safety nose if covering with leather

*Nose option: 21 mm flocked nose

Whiskers: Brown, Black or White Horsehair

Hardware: (12) washers, (6) cotter pins, small curved hemostat, cotter key, small clips

Coloring: Permanent markers (Brands: Faber Castell, Premiere, Sharpie, Zig & Artwin) stiff paint brush, Turmenoid Natural Turpentine for blending markers

Stuffing: Poly fiberfill (Do not use silky style)

Other materials: Embroidery scissors, curved manicure scissors, white glue, toothpicks, q-tips, upholstery thread, Fray Check, assorted needles, thin covered floral wire, finger brush, (OPT) glue stick, (OPT) poster board, jumbo tweezers for stuffing

  • Manufactured by: Mary' s Secret Garden

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