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Distributor in North America

About Us

Edinburgh Imports began in 1981 by Ron and Elke Block, as the exclusive importers of Schulte products in the USA and Canada. Donna Mettling bought Edinburgh in January of 2016 and continues business with the same high quality Schulte fabrics and other bear making supplies. Schulte mohair fabric was first developed in 1901 for Margaret Steiff for making Steiff teddy bears. Schulte fabric continues to be the brand used by the Steiff Company today and Schulte is now the Steiff-Schulte division. Schulte is known for the tightly woven cotton fabric back, great variety of fabric styles, multitude of colors and innovative fabric development. Original Schulte fabrics meet high standards that are a benchmark in the industry. Donna Mettling has represented Edinburgh Imports as the Mohair Maniac, for over 15 years. She is often behind piles of fabric at Doll and Teddy Bear shows across the country, and now, she is your contact at Edinburgh. In the Teddy Bear world, Donna is known as the merchant who shares all she knows about bear making and bear making supplies. She goes out of her way to learn the needs and preferences of established artists and slows down to share tips and secrets to new bear makers. Whether you're an artist, a hobbyist, or just want to try your hand at making a cuddly critter, the Maniac at Edinburgh should be the first person you ask. (310)370-5800.
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